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Social Impact

Tablones Coffee Company strives to make the world a better place and encourage less waste. We try to include as many environmentally friendly materials as possible. Though, we admit that we are still learning - we will continually try to take steps towards looking after mother earth to make our planet a better place for generations to come.


How does EcoCart work?

EcoCart is a checkbox option at checkout checkout, offering you to add a few extra cents to your order to make it carbon neutral.

Tablones Coffee Company directs the carbon offset funds to certified carbon offset projects like planting trees or building wind farms. All of the projects that EcoCart works with are independently certified to internationally recognized standards. In addition to the carbon reduction, EcoCart prides themselves on the fact that all of their projects include an element of social good such as protecting an endangered species of animal, or creating local jobs.  

How much will the carbon offset cost me?

This is based on an algorithm calculated by EcoCart. The algorithm will calculate the cost of a carbon neutral order by looking at variables such as the product type, shipping distance, and weight of the order, meaning that the cost will be unique for each order. However, the carbon offset amount is under $1.50 around 90% of the time.

Typically, this will only add a few cents to your order.

How does EcoCart find the emissions of each order?

EcoCart has a robust algorithm which calculates the carbon emissions from both manufacturing and shipping for each unique order by looking at variables such as product type, general materials mix of the product, product weight, shipping distance, and more.


Is the Tablones Coffee Company packaging eco-friendly?

We try to include as many environmentally friendly materials as possible. Right now, we are testing different types of environmentally friendly bags, mailing bags, etc. to take small steps towards helping the environment.

What are the coffee bags made out of?

We are testing out a few different bags in order to get the best of the best. The appearance of the packaging will not be perfect as it may look crinkled during shipping.

Compostable bags are a great alternative to petroleum-based plastics. One of the bags we are testing is Compostable. We offer a 12 ounce coffee bags which is 100% compostable and made from white paper and compostable laminated film.

Each component (films, zipper, valve) is individually certified compostable. These compostable pouches are vegan, non-GMO, and are not made with PLA. They do not contain harmful chemicals such as bisphenol (including BPA and over a dozen other derivatives), PFAS, or phthalates. These films and components meet composting standards for industrial composting environments.

Please compost, where accepted. Safe for Home Composting. Results in home compost systems may vary.

Standards and Certifications for Compostable Bag:

ASTM D6400, EN13432, TUV OK Compost (Zipper & Valve)

What are your mailing bags made out of?

White and Green Mailing Bags:

A much more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional poly mailing bags. Our mailing bags are 100% biodegradable and are also suitable for recycling.

- Completely biodegrade within 12 months

- Reduce carbon footprint

- Certified to home and industrial standards

Tablones Logo Mailing Bags:

These poly mailers are made with 100% polyethylene material and are identified by recycling code 4, the symbol will be printed on the bags.

Recycling code #4 is often not accepted at curbside recycling programs. However, some local communities do accept it — as it is considered a safe form of plastic.


How many coffee plants have you planted this year?

As of July 2021, my grandmother has planted 12,000 coffee plants at the farm.